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Anyone know where I can find Kodak 620 film

I tend to shy away from cameras that take 620 film. I’ve bought a few, such as my and my – they’re plentiful because Kodak (and other manufacturers) puked out bazillions of them. But in 1995 Kodak discontinued 620 film, instantly orphaning them all. I’ve never understood what Kodak was trying to accomplish with 620 film as it is nothing more than still-available 120 film wound onto thinner spools. At least this makes it still possible to shoot with 620 cameras, albeit with some hassle. Hardy souls roll 120 film onto 620 spools; well-heeled souls .

Kodak introduced 620 film in 1931 with the US model of the Six-20 Kodak and at almost the same time stopped producing cameras taking 120 film, a situation that continued until Kodak Ltd. in the UK manufactured a few models in the 1950's and '60's. 620 film continued in favour until the 1960's, when the introduction of the cartridge-loading Instamatics meant the general public no longer had to struggle to load rollfilm into their snapshot cameras. The Brownie Reflex 20 was probably the last 620-film camera to be made by Kodak.

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Serial no. 3722449

An unusual ("liberated"?) German version (see DoF dial & provenance below)

with Schneider-Kreuznach f3.5 Xenar lens with full helix focussing

and Compur shutter with speeds to 1/300 sec

made from 1937 to1939, the Schneider-Kreuznach serial no.1240142 dates the camera as 1937

 Kodak History lists the original 1937 price of the KODAK Duo 620 with Kodak Anastigmat lens as $57.50

(The 2012 equivalent of 1937's $57.50 is $919 relative to CPI. However, the affordablility of this to the average person would be $2020)

To the person I met recently who told me he'd bought an "expensive" camera - a Nikon DSLR for £565 - I can only say: "You cannot be serious!"

 Kodak introduced 620 film in 1932 and discontinued it in 1995.

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