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Kodak Film Patent Issued October 14, 1884 | USPTO

In just over a century, humans have gone from learning what film can do to largely abandoning it. Many photographers still swear by film, but digital photo-taking is the choice of the masses. And now, the only known box of Kodak Film (for use in the Kodak camera) in existence is sitting, unopened, in a at the George Eastman Museum in Rochester, New York.

Looking ahead, Kodak CEO Jeff Clarke said, "It is our understanding that director Rian Johnson and cinematographer Steve Yedlin are planning to shoot Star Wars: Episode VIII on Kodak film. They are in preproduction and we are working with them to bring their vision to the screen the way they intend it.”

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  • Lot of Unexposed Black and White 35mm Kodak Film
    Previously owned; these rolls of film are unexposed and are being sold as is. These came to us via a local estate liquidation and now it is your chance to take part of the mystery. In this lot are six boxes of Kodak film and as you can see from the photographs there are plenty of rolls to work through.
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  • Find camera kodak film at Target.

    The museum announced Monday it acquired the film, which dates back to 1888, along with one of three known boxes of Kodak Transparent Film, which was originally introduced in 1889 and used in early motion pictures.

    The bottom line seems to be that jobs leaving for other countries might not be the biggest reason for the decline in manufacturing jobs, placing the blame more on the back of progress. And the one thing that Trump can’t really change is progress and where we’ve come technologically. Kodak film gets the spotlight in the clip above, but the same issue is facing those who work in coal mines and even truck drivers if you .