KODAK Mini HD Video Camera — User guide

Kodak Zi6 Pocket Video Black Camera


Testing out my Kodak mini HD underwater video camera.

The Kodak Mini HD Video Camera comes with a mini 'sleek' design, making it ideal to take with you anywhere and everywhere. It allows you to take 720p HD video, and has a pop out USB arm, allowing one to share photos on Facebook or YouTube.

Are all USB cables alike? No, where the difference is in being 'USB Power Port Ready' or not. For example, many manufactures use special wall chargers where each manufacture has their own special wiring specification inside the wall charger to put their device into proper 'charge mode'. Without this proper wiring yuor the mobile device will not charge using a USB cable. For example a common misunderstood connector used by manufactures are micro & mini USB type connectors. These physically look the same but required different wiring to properly put mobile devices into the proper charge mode. At Gomadic we put this special wiring in the cable hence why title says this retractable USB cable will charger but will not offer USB data transfer. Most people are not using the USB cable for data transfer we decided to convert this product line into a USB charge *only* cable. In the case of the Kodak Mini HD Video Camera you might have gotten away with using a USB data cable in the past but to ensure you don't get stranded when you need a charge most we have integrated the wiring in the connector end that plugs into your Kodak Mini HD Video Camera to ensure no mater what type of USB power port you use your device will charge, guaranteed or your money back! Note that all Gomadic products come with a Lifetime Warranty.

Kodak Mini HD Video Camera, Review.

  • Ever been stranded with a dead battery because your USB data cable didnt put your Kodak Mini HD Video Camera into charge mode? At Gomadic we resolved this issue ... read on below in to learn what we do different with our USB Power Port Ready cables
  • Included TipExchange Tip ensures the fastest charging by putting your phone into charge mode rather than the typicale USB data mode that every other brand does ... this attention to detail resulting in faster and more consistant USB power port charging
  • Cable tip wiring and power configuration is designed to Kodak specification to guarantee to put your Mini HD Video Camera into the proper charge mode for the fastest charging possible
  • no additional AC power required. Uses power from the USB port of the computer to charge the Kodak Mini HD Video Camera.
  • retractable design provides unbelievable compactness. Durable, highly conductive and thin 30AWG copper data leads that support dual charging and data functions.

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The Mini Video Camera doesn't need cables to connect, becuase it comes with a pop-out USB arm, making it easy to upload videos onto your computer or share them on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. This camera has enhanced low-light features, allowing you to see more details and more accurate colours. It also comes with enhancement software, allowing you to cut and trim your videos, as well as adding effects to your movies.
This camera is relatable to the Kodak Mini HD Video Camera, and offers most of the same features, with the exception being that the HD camera takes videos in 720p HD.

The Kodak Mini HD Video Camera comes with a mini sleek design, making it ideal to take with you anywhere and everywhere. It allows you to take 720p HD video, and has a pop out USB arm, allowing one to share photos on Facebook or YouTube. The Mini HD Video Camera is about the size of a credit card, and can be conveniently carried. This camera is also waterproof, allowing you to capture shots in rain, snow, or at the beach. It is also highly durable, and has been built to withstand the occasional drop. It is compataible with both the Mac and PC, making it easy to share and upload photos wherever you go. This camera also allows you to replay videos instantly with the high-colour, contrast 1.8 inch colour LCD display. Features mini HD video camera 720p HD video pop out USB arm 1.8" colour LCD display waterproof and ... PROS: (1) fits in a pocket so you can take it anywhere (2) good quality video and stills, good enough for showing friends and family what youve seen (3) sound is just fine when the files are copied to a computer and played back there (4) LCD is large and clear, makes it easy to work with ... CONS: (1) digital zoom is pretty worthless, just decreases the resolution (2) controls are complicated and confusing (3) user manual isnt very detailed, only briefly touches on the functions (4) poor in low light conditions, gets very grainy (5) sound quality is poor when played back on the device itself