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Nikon Em 35mm Film Camera SLR Body W/lens 50mm

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Nikon Slr Film Camera Nikon em 35mm film camera

A beautifully crafted, well sealed and metal clad DSLR, with functional knobs and a sensible number of digital controls (far fewer than current models), without video would be a very fine package indeed. A machine made simply for making photographs. Function and form perfectly melded. For the many who never shot Nikon film cameras, it will be a new day. For the first time they will see a bright, fine-grained focusing screen with a split image prism that they can truly focus. The camera will fit their hands better than the fat pigs of today, with the solid feel that inspires confidence in the machine. They might even learn to hold their cameras steady without the aid of VR, and get fast at manual focusing. Look at all the fine glass Nikon has made over the years, just waiting to be used again! My wallet is ready for the $3,000 price tag.

The Nikon film SLR cameras date back to 1959 and the launch of the Nikon F. If you weren't paying attention, there were quite a few Nikon film SLRs (underlined models link to a review on this site):

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    A couple of months ago, I got a beautiful (9+) F-100 from Adorama for $204.00. If your looking for a Nikon film camera, thats the way to go I think.

    The F6 is a professional SLR camera that draws on a heritage of renowned Nikon film cameras.

    Refined to a degree that is hard to match in film SLRs, it provides a high-speed, high-quality performance. Mechanical innovations offer superb stability and durability, and enable quiet operation.

    Nikon’s F6 — a pure photographic experience.