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Photos of the original Nikon Still Video Camera (SVC) prototype areextremely difficult to find. In fact, I've only seen one before (what I assume is the official product shot to the right). Much to my surprise, I recently came across two more, printed in the Swedish magazine «Aktuell Fotografi», dated Jan/Feb 1987.

Apparently, the S-100 didn't sell very well. From the Nikon article: «Nikon home video camera system developed in such a large scale didn't sell at all.»

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Improved image quality is Nikon's contribution to the development of the new technology. Future Nikon photographers using Nikon Still Video Camera (SVC), can chosse between "frame", allowing 25 exposures per disk, and "field" allowing 50 exposures (like other still video cameras) on a standard two inch diskette (the tiny casette that is used for storage is the biggest limitation - optical storage, similar to CD-ROMs, is a possible alternative for the new technology.

Maybe I'm being greedy, but more competition in the form of a Nikon video camera would certainly push the industry to improve their lower-end products, and it would definitely bring prices down on their higher-end products. One thing is for certain, the options for filmmakers are not decreasing, and there will be some very interesting products released over the next couple of years.