what replaced Polaroid 108 film?

Polaroid 108 Instant Pack Film

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Vintage Set 2 Polaroid Typ 108 Polacolor Film von theretroredhead

April-Lea loves shooting with expired Polaroid color film. I recently sent her some samples of expired Polaroid 108 color instant film from our . I followed up about her Polaroid 420 camera and experience with the color-funky-awesome Polaroid 108 film!

Michael: Tell me about using expired Polaroid 108 pack film...why would a photographer want to use a film that is so past the expiration date??

Pack (20 Prints) Polaroid Polacolor 108 Film Exp

  • Polaroid 108 Film
  • Take apart the Type 108 film pack.

    I came across my old Polaroid 430 Land Camera my parents had stored. I was wondering if anyone still makes film that would work in this camera. I still have a few instruction sheets from the old Polaroid 108 film. and I see that Fuji FP-100C and Polaroid 669 & 690 look like it would work. What...

    Never opened box of Polaroid Type 108 film. Eight - 3 1/4" x 4 1/4" prints. For use with pack film cameras or camera backs that take Polaroid color Land film. Date of 6/88 on package soooooo........no guarantees.