Polaroid 500 Instant Film Holder Vintage For Sale Online

Polaroid Joycam Instant 500 Film Camera

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Polaroid 500 Instant Film Holder Vintage For Sale Online

People buy Polarod JoyCams without checking if there are film available for these and end up with worthless camera. You can find many ask in Yahoo Answers questions like “Where can I find Polaroid 500 film ?” or “Is fuji instax mini film compatible with a polaroid joycam?“. The answer is no for both questions. There are no alternative for Polaroid 500 film. Fujifilm Instax Mini film is not compatible with Polaroid JoyCam. Also Impossible Project Do not make alternative film for type 500 instant film.

You can find expired Polaroid Captive 500 Film pack at Amazon where probably the best place to buy these film because these instant film packs has to be kept in cold storage and They do have very good return policy. In Places like eBay they do not offer returns for used or expired items. Also You can’t be sure about how careful they were about storing these film. You can end up with film pack with a dead battery or chemicals leaked inside the pack.

Polaroid 500 Instant Film Holder Vintage For Sale Online

  • Easy-to-use instant camera
  • Lightweight, small, and portable
  • Sleek silver design
  • Uses Polaroid 500 instant film
  • Lets you share pocket-sized instant photos with friends

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The Polaroid JoyCam Kit includes Polaroid's latest JoyCam camera model Camera Pouch. The Polaroid JoyCam is a revision of the instant camera design that made Polaroid famous. It has a small body in comparison to its bulky predecessors and offers a frame counter and a built-in selectable flash with a flash-ready light. Easy enough for a child to use, the Polaroid JoyCam operates with the push of a single button--no focusing is necessary. The design feature that sets the Polaroid JoyCam apart from other instant cameras is its film delivery system--or lack of one. Traditional instant cameras relied on film cartridges with built-in batteries to enable the camera to expel each shot; however, this model works without a battery. Instead, users pull a plastic ring on the side of the camera to extract the exposed frame. This manual process enables Polaroid to offer a lighter camera body and compatible instant film cartridges at a more reasonable price. The Polaroid JoyCam takes pictures at a range of 3 feet to infinity. It works with Polaroid 500 instant film and produces pictures that measure 4.4 by 2.5 inches, which is slightly smaller than traditional Polaroid shots.

Polaroid 500 Instant Film which is also known as Polaroid Captiva film is the instant film type used to Polaroid Captiva SLR Cameras and Also Polaroid JoyCam. Both these cameras were released in 1992 – 1998 and still you can found in Penny shops and also online stores like E-bay. People tempted to buy these cameras because these models now avaliable for dert cheap. You can find a Polaroid JoyCam for less than 10$ in eBay. But The problem is Film for these camera are no longer available. Well Expired Polaroid 500 Film can be bought from some online stores but you can’t be sure those are dead or still workable. Also one of these Captiva film pack would cost you more than 20$ USD minimum. So it’s could be probably waste of money buying one of these cameras unless you want it as a collectable.