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Impossible PRD4514 Polaroid 600 and Instant Lab Film, Color


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The script will automatically adjust the border sizes to comply with actual Polaroid 600 film sizes based entirely off of your image width (so make sure to crop the image to have it taller relative to width). The script also automatically scales up or down the embossing pattern found on Polaroid 600 film to match the relative sizes as well. This produces a much more realistic border and embossing pattern compared to what's currently available.

Needed a Polaroid picture for a project I’m working on, so I purchased a Polaroid One Step camera for $15 off a guy on Craigslist and a pack of Polaroid 600 film that expired back in 2003 for $26 with shipping from eBay. I was a bit concerned that the film wouldn’t work anymore, but found that the battery in the film pack still had some juice and that the film still developed, though the upper corners of the image are messed up.

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    Ensure that you are using Polaroid 600 film. Check the film specs on the back of the box to make sure that you're using a compatible product. SX-70 Polaroid film will not work with a 600-series camera, nor will Image/Spectra film.[3]
    • The Impossible Project is the only company currently manufacturing film for classic Polaroid cameras. Look for new 600 film under this brand.[4]
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    It is important to note though that the Polaroid company has already stopped to produce Polaroid 600 films. Thus, there is a high probability that you get an expired film.

    It has been a few years before I get to use my Polaroid 600 again. Of course, there is always the choice of buying its default film. But the price and the risk is sometimes too much for me. Fortunately, Impossible made it to the market and give my Polaroid 600 hope again. There’s no doubt that there is a huge improvement for impossible, not just about their products, but also with the price. So if you are looking for Polaroid 600 films, these are the choices you will most likely have.