what kind of camera takes Polaroid 667 film?

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Uses for 667 Polaroid film? | Photography Forum

It is demonstrated in this note that optical Polaroid Land films can beused as a convenient detector in the soft x-ray region. The performanceof Polaroid 667 film has been found to be comparable to that of theKodak direct exposure film (DEF) for soft x-ray pinhole imaging. By asuitable choice of multiple filters, qualitative information about adense plasma has been obtained.

I’ve been going through my stockpile of instant film and realized I really should be using up my monochrome film, so I have been carrying it around lately. Here are some images made since moving back to NYC both in the neighborhood where I live and one near where I work. The first four are made in Queens using my Konica Instant Press camera loaded Polaroid Sepia film stock I had left and the last is from my Polaroid 250 camera using Polaroid 667 film.

This film is great if you have the Polaroid camera that uses it.

Polaroid type 667 professional film Polaroid type 667 professional film
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Polaroid Type 667 (Polapan High Speed 3000 Pack Film)