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Instant Film, Type 669, Medium Contrast, Color, Sold as 1 pack


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“I’ve got a pretty good stock of both the Polaroid 669 film and Fugi 3000B,” he says. “Both of which i used to shoot Kylie. Both stocks are discontinued now, and I had all this film stored in a shed back in Australia, so I loaded it up in a huge roller bag and recently hauled it back to LA”.

In recent years I have begun capturing the fens on expired Polaroid 669 film, the otherworldliness, colour shifts and swirls on the print can lend a painterly feel to the final images.

Bronica SQ Polaroid Back, with Polaroid 669 film, mint condition

Polaroid 669 Polacolor Film - 3.25 x 4.25 - Pack of 2
A medium-contrast, medium-speed, color print film with extended dynamic range, 669 Film is balanced for average daylight (5500°K) at 1/125 of a second (as well as for electronic flash units). The reciprocity characteristics of this film cause a color shift towards blue-cyan when the exposure time is increased and a color shift towards red-yellow when the exposure is decreased.

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These printers print directly from a 35mm mounted slide onto a sheet of Polaroid (or Fuji) instant Packfilm. They were originally designed for Polaroid 669 color film, but they work fine with Fuji FP-100C. You can also get silver-based black and white prints using Polaroid 664 or Fuji FP-100B films. Unfortunately, these films were discontinued, but they are still available for a limited time from the FPP store ( )!

i'm interested in doing some polaroid transfers and i need to buy a camera that can use polaroid 669 film - i haven't got a clue about this particular area of photography/film/cameras and would be grateful for any replies! thanx, charlotte