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With a mixture of optimism and stubbornness he started , a company that would produce Polaroid cameras and film. “People loved the idea that a small group of crazy people were trying to keep this alive, even if this big company said it was impossible,” says Kaps. “It was a bit of a David against Goliath fight.” Despite its fatalistic name, the project was successful; sales began in 2010 and by the end of the year it had sold more than 500,000 film packs.

After Land's instant camera invention was brought to market in 1948, a few different instant cameras were developed, some using Polaroid-compatible film such as cameras by , , and . Others were incompatible with Polaroid cameras and film, the most notable of these being made by , such as the EK series and Kodamatic cameras.

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There are, however, certain types of cameras that you can use as is, without any modifications. Polaroid 100 – 400 series cameras were designed for Polaroid instant pack film, and the empty film holder can be converted to an excellent wet plate holder. Both Polaroid cameras and films are out of production, but you can find cameras on eBay or similar web auctions, and Fuji FP-100 is a substitute for Polaroid film and comes in similar holders.