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If you are the sort of person who is looking for a camera that is cheap and really easy to use, then the Polaroid JoyCam Film camera is simply the camera of choice. With the ability to take pictures from whatever distance, this camera is a great choice for anyone looking to take pictures whether from 3 feet nearby or a great distance away.

The new version of the Polaroid JoyCam Film camera has a twist to the older versions. It looks more attractive and probably offers a lot more practicality. However, the little problem is with the coloring. It seems impossible to take a picture indoors without using a flash. And once a flash is used, the picture seems to have distorted colors. This in turn means that the picture has almost washed out images in the photos. If you are intent on very sharp picture quality, the instant camera might not be the best kid of camera. This kind of camera is mostly meant for people having a good time and for just the moment.

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    As much as this camera might be a remake of the older version of a similar camera there is a difference in that it is not as complex and neither is it cumbersome as compared to the older versions of similar cameras. It might not be the smallest camera on the market but this does not stop it from being a good camera that you can carry along if you are going to some sight seeing or adventurous escapade. Another advantage of the Polaroid JoyCam Film is that it has considerations for less cost in terms of the batteries. There is no longer need to have a battery cell for each and every cartridge.

    Using this camera is quite easy and all one has to do is load it and then get on with the picture taking. The Polaroid JoyCam Film camera works in such a way that it functions with a polaroid 500 film and this is helpful for creating the walled size photos. All you have to do if you would like to advance the film is pull a plastic ring doing on the camera’s side. The camera is also made with a built in flash which is selected manually.