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Built-in flash, always fires (fill-flash), Requires Polaroid Spectra Platinum film, Wider angle lens lets you capture up to 33 percent more of your scene, Sleek folding camera design, Comes with a neck strap and tripod nutThe wide-angle lens format of the Polaroid Spectra 1200FF camera lets you capture larger scenes, like big groups, without missing a single detail. The built-in, quench-controlled flash fires automatically every time (fill-flash) to ensure that your images are always perfectly e

*Comes with Polaroid Spectra Platinum Film...It's been opened, but looks like they have not used it..or, if they have, maybe 8 left. How good it is? I don't know, but looks like it has been handled with care

of Polaroid’s Spectra film family

  • Polaroid Spectra Platinum Instant Film Pack 10 Photos Open Box Expired $14.99 at eBay Film is expired sold as-is may not work box is open originally a 2 pack but only 1 pack is left.
  • However, there may be some variation between film lots

    The latest incarnation of the Polaroid Spectra, the , is US$85.00 at Wal-Mart. However, I?ve found it for as little as $60 using the ?Check Latest Prices? link in the right hand column of this review. It uses the Polaroid Spectra Platinum film ? only -- which is about $22 for two ten-image film cartridges. This means that not only will you be paying close to a hundred bucks for the camera itself, you have the privilege of paying $1.10 for every picture you take, no matter how crummy it turns out.