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Um, Ok, Boingboing, I love you and all, but given all the goofy bougie “design” crap (some of which I love) that regularly gets showcased here, is necessity really an evaluating criterion? IP is the only source for a medium (integral Polaroid film) that a lot of people still use. Personally, I’m more into peelaparts (love ya, Fuji!) but I like the integral, too. It’s no more unnecessary than crayons. After all, doesn’t everybody just draw on his/her ipad nowadays?

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  • Impossible Project & Polaroid Film Review | Photography by Zoo-Octan

    After seeing the video I suspected that the striations were the result of me not covering the image fast enough. As a result, using gaffer’s tape I dangled part of a Polaroid Chocolate film box from the front of the camera so when the image would come out the Impulse it would be covered.

    Who’s buying the film you ask? Professional photographers and artists have always loved Polaroid film for its unique effects and its ability to be manipulated while it’s being developed. Peter Gabriel’s third album cover is the result of him rubbing one side of a Polaroid picture taken of him as it developed – here it is – you can’t get that weirdness with your digital camera folks!