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The of a vintage Polaroid instant film camera that also gives photographers the ability to share photos to social networks has finally developed into reality. Today at CES, Polaroid announced that its camera will ship in the fall for $299. The Android-based, endearingly square shaped touchscreen camera features a 14 megapixel front lens, a 2 megapixel rear camera, and WiFi and Bluetooth for easily sharing snaps to the social network of the user's choosing. There's also 4GB of internal storage and a Micro SD slot, ensuring there's plenty of space for all the photos even the most careless of casual shooters could want.

Since then, Impossible has shown that instant film has a future, even in the Digital Age. The company has introduced new film and has opened stores in Vienna, New York, and Tokyo, sharply boosting sales and profits. This year Impossible expects to expand its film lineup. And with no one currently making cameras that use the old Polaroid format, the company plans to launch its own instant model in 2012. Florian Kaps, one of three founders, says the company's success lies in preserving the soft, distorted colors of vintage Polaroid film. "Because of the digital revolution, people are starting to go in the opposite direction, toward retro analog products, and the fun is just beginning," Kaps says.

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Scott Sternberg's celebrity-filled look books, shot by the Band of Outsiders creative director himself on vintage Polaroid film, will likely develop into a book due out late next year.